More Relaxation Reminders

So many people have gone through the free relaxation reminders foundation course and want more. Ongoing reminders can really help you stick with it when you’re making changes in your life. It’s relaxing in the moment to receive a beautiful, relaxing image and a daily prompt to breathe and drop into calm. But it also keeps your intention to change and be more calm in the forefront of your mind, which means your decisions that day take this commitment into account. When you’re actively reminded each day, you’ll find yourself taking many opportunities to pause and relax throughout the day that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. That’s the power of keeping something in the forefront of your mind.

This set of follow-up reminders is interactive. We’re really interested in your progress and strive to help each and every person who goes through the reminders program. We read all the responses we receive and reply back to you, which adds accountability. When you feel accountable, it greatly increases your commitment and followthrough, which is a powerful tool for boosting results. We hope you respond and share your answers to the questions at the end of the reminder exercises (We can’t offer accountability for the free foundation course reminders because of the sheer volume of people going through the program). The brain has a tendency to attenuate, meaning it blocks out things that are the same each time so you don’t have to think about them anymore, and we don’t want it to do that to your relaxation reminders. To prevent your relaxation reminders from being attenuated, do the exercises and reply to the ones that ask you questions. This interactivity not only helps you deepen your relaxation and add accountability, it prevents attenuation.

You can sign up for 1 more month of interactive reminders or 3 more months of reminders below.