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With each moment that passes, you have an opportunity to breathe deeply, dial it down a notch, find more ease in what you’re doing and enjoy peace. Mindfulness is a simple practice that shifts your frame of mind and the physiology of your body away from stress and towards relaxed calm. These beautiful mindful moments are always available to you – they are yours to seize whenever you need them – but many people find it hard to allow themselves to take a break and feel caught up in daily stresses and consumed by distractions. Mindful moments are the perfect antidote to that state of mind.

Designing your mindful moments in advance can help you work them into your day, turning them into relaxation habits that you soon won’t be able to remember how you did without. For example, always have a mindful moment just before you begin eating, as soon as you get in the car but before you begin driving, whenever you’re waiting in line. These quick breaks can really help add calm to your stressful day.

Once you get the hang of it, you can snap into a quick mindful moment whenever you need it, and you’ll find yourself doing it more and more often. It’s an incredibly valuable practice with benefits that far outweigh the effort.

  1. Mindful Good Morning – Choose one thing that you do every morning, close to the start of the day and choose to make that a mindful moment. Use this moment to set the intention to have a more mindful and relaxed day, and visualize yourself moving through the things you have to do today with relaxed ease. Each day when you’re in the shower or drinking your morning coffee or whatever activity you choose, use each one of your senses to experience it. Feel the hot shower water hitting your skin, warming it.. Hello, skin. Breathe in deeply and really feel the moisture as it enters your lungs.. and relax your neck and shoulders. Actually feel your skin as you lather with soap, let the scent command your attention. This only takes a moment – but it powerfully shifts your entire state of mind.
  2. Mindful Eating – You eat every day and a meal is a perfect reminder to take a mindful moment. As you sit down to eat, take a second to really look at your food, noticing the colors and textures. Take a deep inhale of the delicious smell of your food.. pause to really experience the calm that comes over you. Hello, food. Then let a big bite tickle your tongue and slide down your throat as you swallow. Take another bite, feel the food as you chew it, listen to what it sounds like. Some people like to sit quietly outside to eat their meal in silence, and that sounds lovely, but most people don’t do that and all you really need is a moment. It’s all about shifting your attention – away from all your thoughts and plans and tasks, and towards your food and your senses. If you’re eating with other people, it’s easy enough to do this subtly.
  3. Mindful Driving – Driving is another perfect mindful moment reminder – take a mindful moment at some point each time you drive somewhere. This is not dangerous. It’s not about relaxing into a trance state. It’s about paying full attention to what’s actually going on around you. What is around you when you’re driving? Stop multi-tasking, turn off the radio, turn off your thoughts for a moment and really look at the cars around you. Listen to the sound of the engine, the wheels on the pavement, the wind – what else do you hear? Is the sun glinting on the windshield, is the ground wet from rain last night – what else do you see? Take a moment to really experience your drive.
  4. Mindful Hello – Mindfully greeting someone you see every day can help your relationship with them, increase the pleasure you feel in being with them and if you’re keeping count, also serves as a mindful moment. Choose one person – maybe it’s your young daughter (children are perpetually mindful, by the way) or your partner or someone at work (they don’t have to know). When you meet, cast aside all your thoughts and really experience the moment you first encounter them. Feel the warmth when you touch or hug them, really listen to what they’re saying, tune in to what their heart is feeling. What you see when you really look may surprise you. What they experience when you’re really present may be really wonderful for them.
  5. Design Your Own Mindful Moment – Choose an activity that you already do every day and make it a mindful moment.

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