Relax Now

The Ultimate Guide of
Advanced Techniques to Relax Right Now

Too much stress can shut down executive centers in your brain and literally make it harder for you to think and plan and address the sources of your stress. Don't get caught in this trap. Follow our guide to bring yourself up to speed on the techniques that science has proven work best, find the ones you enjoy the most and commit to making them a daily habit. 

We'll teach you how to design new relaxation habits that stick. Download our Relaxation Habits cheatsheet to turn our top 5 advanced relaxation techniques into habits. Then use the tools below to help you deepen your practice of each technique. The more you practice, the more relaxed you'll feel.. until being relaxed is a solid habit.

To relax right now, science shows you need to first
Slow your breathing down


Slow It Down

Slowing down your breathing is your secret weapon of relaxation - it's the only way you can consciously force yourself to relax, instead of coaxing and hoping. When you slow your breathing to 6 or fewer breaths a minute (10 full seconds or more for each inhale + exhale), it turns on your inner relaxation response and puts the brakes on your stress response. Try it now. Inhale deeply as the waves come in.. hold.. and exhale slowly. Repeat.


Switch to Your Senses

Your thinking brain causes a lot of stress by getting in the habit of ruminating on the past and worrying about the future. When you focus on your senses, it forces your thinking brain to quiet down. It connects you to a deeper calm that we forget is always there.


Express It

Getting the stress out is extremely good at dissipating it. Writing, sharing, shouting - all work. Learn more


Control It

Having a sense of control can really change how stressful something feels. What if you could eliminate, delay or feel more control over all the big causes of your stress? You would feel so much better! Let's audit your stressors and make your plan of attack


Analyze It

When you feel overwhelmed, calm yourself by breaking your stressful thoughts down into manageable chunks so you can label them, understand them and boss them around. Learn how

Mindful Moments

It takes only a moment to break free from your stressful mindset and invite calm in. Fill your social media streams with relaxation and mindfulness - Subscribe to our #MindfulMoment streams. Delivered with digital love. 


Listen in to our soothing meditations. Leave your stressful day behind and come visit our exotic tropic island or relaxing sunset lake. Let your mind quiet and hear the sound of the wind in the leaves. Come back to your senses.

Free 30 Day Relaxation Course

For a limited time, you can take our Foundations of Relaxation Habits course for free - it's packed with gorgeous, relaxing reminders, habit design techniques and a new guided practice each day to help you lay the foundation of habits you need for a lifestyle of relaxation and ease. Totally free.

After 30 days of these calming emails, you'll have everything you need to master the advanced techniques here and to design and live the lifestyle of calm and ease you deserve.

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