Pep Talk

Sit down and get ready for this. We are going to give you a pep talk like no other. Everyone loses their way sometimes and needs someone to give them a kick or fire up their energy to keep going. You are not an exception.

There’s a lot of research on this and there really should be better tools out there that help pull people out of these common ruts, but there isn’t. I guess scientists are good at science but not so good at creating useful tools for the world to use. So here it is — the first awesome digital pep talk tool – and the only one you’ll ever need.

Keep reading for your digital pep talk. Fill in the interactive prompts – it doesn’t work if you lay on the couch and stay passive. And that’s what this is really about – getting you from laying around feeling bummed to taking some action, to feeling some energy again, to regaining your motivation and firing up your passion and hope again.

The pep talk continues over the next few days (you’ll have to enter your email address for that part). There are 5 parts all together.