Join the Anxiety Club

Behavior is contagious. When you’re part of a group that’s making progress together, it keeps you going. It makes it more fun. It helps you really feel the great strides you’re making, which inspires a sense of success and empowers you to make even bolder changes. Maybe most importantly, it stops people from quitting. You heard me, it lowers the rate of quitting by a phenomenal 90%. This is no New Year’s resolutions attempt – these changes will last. If you really want to commit to mastering your anxiety, you need to join a club.

In the AlterActions Anxiety Club, we work on a new skill each month and we’ll make progress together. First, you’ll get a primer that covers the science of the goal for the month – what works and what doesn’t (which is often not intuitive). You’ll get background on the most effective behavior change techniques for this skill and a guided workbook to help you define your own personal challenge. Then we’ll do the challenge together, sharing our trials and tribulations, solving obstacles as they come up and cheering each other on. At the end of the month, we’ll talk reflect and learn from what we’ve done – and do a bonus challenge to keep you going. There’s a lot of guidance so you can follow along, and lots of sharing and helping each other out for those that want it. The members of the club vote on the topic for the coming month, so it’s always relevant to you.