Let’s Get Started: Designing eHabits That Cure Anxiety

There’s no getting around the fact that we live in a stressful world now. Our minds and bodies are not well equipped to handle the traffic, screen time, advertising, complex decisions, volume of tasks and other things that we’re bombarded with every day.

The result is stress and anxiety.

It’s not your fault. There’s nothing broken or bad about you. Other people in similar circumstances to yours are also feeling just as anxious and overwhelmed.

But some people have figured out how to shape their lifestyle to promote relaxed ease. They deflect things that they know cause anxiety, and they jujitsu their way past stressful events and tasks. They know the external sources of stress in their lives, they’ve changed their thinking to prevent internal stress from piling on and they regularly relax and recharge their minds and bodies. They’ve (informally) designed and practiced a bunch of habits that keep them relaxed in a stressful world.

This is what I’m going to guide you through doing.

It’s not obvious. And it’s not easy. This is not a listicle of the top 10 relaxation tips, you know all that already. You can google that. What I’m going to teach you are advanced techniques from research studies that are proven to work but aren’t common knowledge and I’m going to show you how to design them into your life, how to implement them so they stick. This involves changing your diet (yes, how you eat can promote anxiety). It involves adjusting your daily routine and your sleep schedule (yes, low quality sleep creates anxiety). It involves analysis of your personal stressors and your thinking habits and behavioral patterns and practice, practice, practice that will help you rewire those patterns.

I’ve helped hundreds of people do this in the past. It takes real work and isn’t always easy. But it works. And the benefits are enormous and profound. If you’re living with anxiety, hate every second of it, can see how it’s limiting you and really want to change, I’ll help you understand the science behind what to do (the easy part) and I’ll guide you through actually doing it (the hard part). Many people stay trapped in anxiety’s clutches for years, living a life in the shadow of their own potential. But some people have figured it out. They live bold, relaxed and free. If they can do it, you can too.

One of the best things about teaching people these advanced skills is that most of them are (by definition) very relaxing and enjoyable. While some of the time you’ll have to go through the fire to get beyond it, which can cause a lesser person to quit, much of it is really lovely and by taking such tender care of yourself because it’s assigned to you as part of this program, you’ll learn deep down that you deserve such tender care all the time. And then you’ll start allowing yourself to have it and finally and assertively demanding it for yourself.