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No More Stress. No More Overwhelm

Dear Friend,

I want to make three promises to you right now:

  1. No more feeling stressed out from day to day living
  2. No more overwhelm from a mountain of pressures
  3. Stop stress in it's tracks for good

My name is Kendra and I’m a recovering extremely anxious person. For many painful years my life was filled with an endless to do list and little enjoyment of the day.

Feel familiar? Living shouldn’t be so hard!

I desperately wanted a better way. Was there a way to approach stress and anxiety more scientifically? I needed less guesswork, more formulas.

I created Science of People, a human behavior research lab, to find it. Over the last few years we developed our science based framework for interaction.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • Everyone deserves fulfilling relationships without being fake.
  • You can be in control and be confident without being a bubbly extrovert.
  • You are worth knowing.

I’m so excited you found us. Let’s start your relaxation adventure together.

To your success,


Habitual Health

Habitual health requires you to observe your own behavior like a detective, and to do experiments like a scientist. No math required, just relaxing and feeling better than you ever have before. We'll teach you the advanced skills that science tells us work best for eliminating stress and help you use behavioral science to design habits of a new lifestyle.