Shake It Off: Getting Over Emotional Angst in 4 Days

Sometimes after an upsetting event, you can feel that it’s still bothering you, deep down inside where it won’t go away. It can feel like it’s weighing on you, causing you angst you just can’t seem to let go of. Maybe you have recurring thoughts about it or find yourself talking to yourself about it when nobody else is around. Maybe you find yourself irritable and snapping at loved ones who don’t deserve it.

There’s an amazing 4 day intervention that can clear this angst out. You can do it by yourself, in only 20 minutes a day. It’s completely free. It doesn’t take any special medications or therapy or swinging pendulums, and it’s completely validated by science – it’s been shown to work wonders on research subjects of all kinds, regardless of the type of emotional upset they experienced, how long ago it was and what kind support they have. It works on anxiety, sadness, anger, conflict and all sorts of emotional upsets.

This amazing technique is called expressive writing. It’s a stream-of-consciousness writing exercise that’s designed to let your subconscious tell its story, without your rationalizing mind getting in the way too much. It’s a way for you to dump a bunch of unprocessed emotions onto the table, where you can examine and reflect on them, and ultimately make sense of them. Making sense of emotional distressing events brings peace.

Sign up below to receive a series of emails that will guide you through this process. Commit yourself to 4 days in a row and write for at least 20 minutes each day. Find a good stopping point if you’re on a roll when the timer goes off, but don’t feel obligated to overdo it – more is not necessarily better. Generally,  4 committed days are enough and the results are amazing and long lasting.

Further work: If you like this technique, I highly advocate writing daily, generally first thing in the morning, for ongoing clarity and emotional processing. There is much science about the benefits of doing so (and a huge following of people who do it).