Debunk It: Change Your Automatic Thoughts

One of the easiest and most amazing transformations out of anxiety comes from examining and debunking the thoughts you automatically have that are actually producing more anxiety. The science around the process of debunking these automatic thoughts, called cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), shows that you can change your thought patterns relatively easily and that mostly what it takes is a willingness to look them and repeatedly correcting yourself to make big rewiring shifts in the brain that are lasting.

This process is one of the biggest bangs for your buck – the time you put into learning which thought patterns produce anxiety and how to debunk them when they arise in your own thinking will pay off in a huge way.

Most people use many of these thought patterns to some degree, but anxious people tend to get mired in them. Once you learn the patterns, you’ll start to recognize them in full force in very anxious people. Notice too that many of those people heavily resist any suggestion of a different perspective – their unwillingness to examine their own thinking is holding them in their anxious pattern.