Webinar – CBT Will Change Your Thoughts — and Your Life

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Did you know your brain has built-in negative thought patterns? When your brain gets into this negative mode, it can rain on any parade and add a ton of stress to your life. We all know someone who can manage to undermine your good news or make you feel crappy about something you were excited about before. The doubts they create in your brain bubble up out of negative thought patterns.. but you can examine your thought patterns and you can learn to change them.

This is not a gimmick or an empty promise. CBT has been well-researched and has changed the lives of many stressed and unhappy people over the past few decades since we started to understand the brain better and put together rules for changing it that work.

CBT is a set of rules you can use to challenge your own thoughts. You’ll learn to examine your own thoughts and see which stress-inducing thought patterns you use a lot. You’ll learn to debunk and refute these erroneous, unrealistic and harsh taskmaster thoughts. You’ll learn how to choose realistic, optimistic and supportive thoughts instead.

This free webinar will explain the thought patterns of the brain and how CBT works. We’ll cover..

  1. How to stop your negative thoughts from taking over your day (and your life)
  2. What 3 key words create stress and how to stop using them
  3. How to replace your anxious pattern with a relaxed pattern.

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