Assess Your Stress

To reduce stress and overwhelming anxiety in your life, it’s extremely helpful to carefully consider all its sources and gaps in your current skills and support for managing it.  With a good map of your anxiety, you can begin to navigate it and start avoiding the pitfalls. You can also learn new survival skills, and practice them until they become automatic – turning what might feel like a shipwreck disaster into a pleasant existence on a tropical island.

Answer the following questions as best you can. Don’t worry too much about any particular answer, just go with your gut. There are no right answers – the assessment is designed to help you narrow in on the sources of your anxiety and some potential areas to focus on redesigning for a more calm lifestyle.


Which of the following kinds of thoughts have you had about yourself in the last month?

Which of the following life events have you experienced this year?

What is your sleep like, do you get enough of it? Do you have trouble falling or staying asleep? Is your sleep schedule even or does it move about? Do you travel across time zones often or work the night shift?

What is your diet like? How much sugar do you eat? How much processed food?

Do you meditate? (any form of sitting or moving meditation, like tai chi, counts here)

Do you exercise?

How often do you take breaks during the day? Do something just for fun during any given week? Go on vacation each year?

How are your relationships with loved ones? With work colleagues?

Are you lonely? Are you depressed? Are you irritable?