Cultivate Calm

The Ultimate Science-based Guide
to Learning the Skills of Calm

There's a reason why most highly anxious people stay that way their whole lives while calm people seem to have figured out how to sail through life unruffled, taking problems in stride, rolling with stress and not letting it get to them. After 2 decades studying the science of wellness behavior, I can tell you definitively: they actually do know something that you don't. They've learned the skills of calm and practiced them until they're automatic habits. You can do this too.

Download our workbook on the top 5 anti-anxiety skills you need to cultivate, then use the tools below to practice your growing skills. The more you practice, the bigger the results you'll see.

Top 5 Anti-Anxiety Skills You Need to Cultivate

You'll see incredible benefits from these new skill and practices within a few weeks. Each of these takes some practice to learn and get good at, or some lifestyle design to implement -- but we have a workbook that will step you though the best behavior change techniques to use for each skill. This list of skills was derived from coaching many, many people from over anxious to calm, relaxed lifestyle. These 5 things are what you should focus on first to get the biggest bang for your effort. Each of them will make you feel substantially better within days and when you keep at it, you'll see significant changes in your stress levels within 2-3 weeks.   

Download our free 24 page workbook now.

Step 1

Assess It

To create calm by design, let's first assess the sources of stress in your life. Using the resulting map of your anxiety, we can plan our strategy for changing it. This will take about 5 minutes.

Free September Live CBT Class

Your thoughts can create calm or amp up your stress into the red zone. CBT is an easy to learn and very effective way to stomp out a bunch of thought patterns that create anxiety that you probably didn't even know you had. Once you know how to use these rules, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them (and you'll feel sorry for people you meet who clearly don't know them). Join us for this free online webinar and learn the CBT rules. Bonus downloadable cheat sheet for easy reference to help you practice. September 21, 2018 at 6:30pm PST.


Karl Johnson

UI/UX Design

I'm not exaggerating when I say CBT changed my life. All these years, the thinking patterns in my head were making me MORE stressed out at work - and I didn't even know it! It's not hard to learn and it's fun to practice. This should be taught in high school.


Shake It Off

This remarkably powerful yet little known exercise will only take 20 minutes a day for 4 days in a row.. but it will clear out any emotional angst that's been plaguing you for weeks, freeing you up from whatever's been weighing on you. Expressive writing is simple but profound -- and research has proven that it works. We'll guide you through each of the 4 days with reminders and instructions, or you can do it on your own.

Use this tool when you're worrying too much or have a lot weighing on you.


Reframe It 

Did you know some car accident victims are happier than lottery winners 5 years later? It's all because of how they framed their experiences and how they connected to their larger purpose. Focusing on the silver lining can really change how stressful something feels and reduce the power that stress has over you. Let's explore your purpose and reframe your negative stress into positives, so you can relax like you won the lottery, too.

Use this tool when you feel discouraged or hopeless and life is getting you down.


Debunk It: Learning CBT

To start bossing your anxiety around, you need some new super powers. You need to learn CBT. It's pretty easy to pick up and the results are pretty dramatic. You'll learn to debunk your own thoughts and filter out the ones that aren't true and cause you more stress. You'll wonder how you lived so long without it. We have video lessons, comic book worksheets and everything else you need to learn CBT now

Use this tool when you feel trapped or overwhelmed, when you have too much on your to do list, when you can't catch a break or when other people are stressing you out. 

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