Recommended Products

If anxiety is curtailing your life and draining your energy, it’s time to make some changes and reclaim the relaxed ease that humans are designed to have all the time. Seize the day – buy some books and squeeze in a chapter or two each week. Set up a quiet area to relax or practice meditation in with a few special things that will help you relax and find calm when you go there. Get a tincture or spray to bring with you for acute relief when you need it. Don’t underestimate the power of making small steps – they may feel small, but they help you redefine yourself as someone who takes relaxation breaks and manages their stress when it arises. Physical products also serve as reminders to help keep relaxation efforts in the forefront of your mind, where you can act on them every day. When changing behavior, these little steps really add up, just like the tortoise surpasses the hare, who burns out or loses steam and never reaches the goal.

Here are my top recommendations for your shopping list to help you make lasting change in your habits and move towards calm.


Meditation Aids

  • Pillow


  • Wishgarden tinctures
  • Lavender scent