The cluster of eating habits most negatively affecting you is:

Environment Habits

It sounds like your surroundings are full of triggers that are setting off some unwelcome habits - like having pizza for lunch every Tuesday when you’d really rather not because your office has pizza Tuesdays. You probably find yourself choosing convenient food over the tastier, healthier options you’d prefer if given an equal choice and maybe you’re doing a lot of extra snacking because there’s a generous supply of snacks and treats around. 

If your home, office and car has candy or snacks readily available, even out where you can see them, it will cause you to eat them far more often than you otherwise would have. And that will shift your taste buds and make you prefer them over healthier options, which generally have a lot less sugar, salt and fat. It's particularly hard for you if you live or work with other people who bring unhealthy food into your environment, or if your spouse does a lot of the cooking and doesn’t make the dishes that are healthiest for you.

Read on to find out what bad habits this causes + simple steps to break them

Watch out! These unconscious habits result in:

Late Night Eating

Your evening eating desires are boosted when there’s half a pie left on the counter, and nighttime eating leaves you with high blood sugar and weight gain.

More Indulgence

When snacks and treats are around in bulk or in endless supply, you’ll tend to eat more of them unconsciously -- and more often than you realize.

Feeling Deprived

Similar to FOMO, when you try not to eat tempting things that are readily available, the brain tends to feel deprived of something it thinks you deserve, instead of feeling empowered to make good choices.

Take Action 

Your Personal Action Plan

Here’s where you should start to get some quick wins and begin disrupting this cluster of habits. Your unconscious eating habits will be substantially better after you declutter your food landscape and clear out the most unhealthy options. I’m going to show you how to kon mari your environment, toss out the eating triggers that don’t spark joy and revel in the fresh new habits that appear! 

1. Insist on the Good Stuff

Start insisting on only the most high quality, delicious treats for yourself. Go out of your way to get these and pay more, like for imported dark chocolate that delights your senses instead of leftover easter bunny chocolate that leaves you feeling drained and bad about yourself. Allow yourself a treat only when it actually is a real treat for you, one of your absolute favorites. Wouldn’t you rather have your favorite to-die-for red velvet cupcakes over some cheap supermarket birthday cake? Start saying no to any treats that aren’t high quality, mind-bending, absolute favorites. And make sure that you go out of your way to get the good stuff for yourself instead (don’t make it about deprivation).

2. Buy Small Portions

Buy only what you plan to snack on or treat yourself to today. Get an ice cream cone you’re going to eat right now instead of a pint that leaves you more for later. Forgo the savings that come with buying bigger containers, buy-one-get-one-free or in bulk -- and know that this ‘cost’ of changing your eating habits is more than worth it! Also know that larger packaging is carefully designed and tested in research labs to encourage people to eat more faster, so they have to buy more. There are all sorts of tricks for this, like not providing a way to close the bag thereby ensuring the chips go stale fast and must be eaten soon.

3. Time-Restricted Eating

By closing the kitchen (and your stomach!) at night, and reducing the window of time in which you eat to 8-12 hours total, you can turn your appetite into a race horse in the day that simply won’t run at night. Delay your breakfast or eat an early dinner, whichever works better for you, just make sure you have the same routine each day and watch how fast you get results. Time restricted eating aligns your circadian rhythms, lowers your blood sugar, improves your insulin sensitivity, clears a lot of brain fog and best of all, results in substantial weight loss - all without changing what you eat, only when you eat.

One Key Skill to Master

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Decluttering your environment of temptations is necessary to change ingrained habits but often you live or work with people who bring unhealthy options into your space and even unconsciously pressure you to partake. Practicing the skill of assertiveness will change the dance steps you engage in with them - and it will help you get the free donuts out of the breakroom (which many other people will undoubtedly thank you for).

When your husband says he’s bringing home pizza for dinner, practice saying "Wow, thanks honey! But I don’t want to eat that. Could you support me in this by picking up _______ for me?” To help yourself navigate the conflict that changing your dance steps produces, tell yourself “Change is hard for me and my changing is also hard for him. That conflict doesn’t feel good! But I have to stand my ground many times, not just once, to make change that lasts, and I want this badly because [reiterate your larger purpose]". 

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