The cluster of eating habits most negatively affecting you is:

Craving Habits

You’re fighting a lot of cravings and wishing you had more willpower so you could stop slipping up. Once you fall into the sugar and junk food trap, it boosts your cravings for more and it’s really hard to drag yourself out again. 

What you might not know is that your cravings are providing a sweet reward that causes craving habits to wire up and those habits are creating and amplifying your cravings. No fair! Each time you succumb, it hyper-stimulates the pleasure centers in your brain, which turns on habit wiring mechanisms and reinforces the habit. This means you’ll be much more likely to eat that same thing again without even thinking about it. And it fires up your sugar, salt and fat taste buds, setting their preference levels even higher, which is why vegetables might not taste as good to you (and you’ll unconsciously avoid them). Each blood sugar dip unconsciously sends you looking for foods that will boost energy levels again, which leads to snacking and soda habits and a preference for foods with hidden sugar in them, like power bars, condiments and most restaurant dishes.

Read on to find out what bad habits this causes + simple steps to break them

Watch out! These unconscious habits result in:

Repeated Failure

Slipping up over and over is really hard. It creates roller coaster ups and downs in your motivation. Eventually, this becomes demoralizing and leads to believing that you CAN’T do it, a state called low self-efficacy.

Sugar Treadmill

Eating sugar produces a blood sugar spike.. and then a big dip, which causes bigger cravings for more sugar. Dips also boost your appetite, reduce your sense of fullness AND they shut off willpower. Not a fun combo.

Brain Fog + Weight Gain

Nobody’s at their best after finishing the bag of Doritos. Feeling foggy and drained? Sugar and grease don’t replenish the body but they do trick it into thinking it’s had a meal. Oh, and they slow the mind down.

Take Action 

Your Personal Action Plan

Here’s where you should start to get some quick wins and begin disrupting this cluster of habits. If you do the following three simple things a handful of times, you'll start to see distinct results. If you do them over and over in the same context, they'll start to rewire your brain and become automatic. Make them a habit to transform your health!

1.Downgrade Your Treats

Sweet treats that are like sugar bombs are the worst. They don’t satisfy your craving for sugar - in fact, they prolong and intensify it. To start cutting down on your cravings, stop trying to prevent yourself from succumbing altogether and instead choose a treat that’s one step better for you than what you would have had. Try choosing something loaded with fat instead of loaded with sugar, which might feel less tempting but will satisfy your craving better. Or try stepping down the sugar content of your treat substantially and allowing yourself to eat more of it, which will feel good but reduce the total amount of sugar going into your body.

2.Avoid Your Triggers

Every time you crave something, it’s actually a habit with a trigger that kicks it off. If your cravings are getting the best of you, you need to map out your triggers and make plans to systematically avoid them. Most people want to boost their willpower but habit researchers know it’s far easier and more effective to avoid most of your triggers. You might not realize it, but the people who successfully stick to a healthy diet for years are not fighting cravings every day. They’ve found ways to avoid and reduce their cravings, and eliminating triggers is the best first step to doing this.

3.Get More Sleep, Seriously!

Lack of quality sleep is arguably the biggest cause of strong cravings. Missing out on sleep or keeping a schedule that shifts around a lot will directly fire up cravings for sugar and fat that are designed to nudge, cajole and manipulate until you eventually give in. It’s no accident that willpower is also severely depleted when you’re tired and doesn’t function properly. When your circadian rhythms are misaligned, your body’s digestion, energy production and restoration are out of sync, causing you to fall severely short of the energy you need just to make it through the day. To compensate, the brain demands the fastest, easiest calories it knows of- sugar and fat - and keeps raising the red flag until it gets you to do something about it.

One Key Skill to Master

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Self-compassion is the single best core skill to focus on to get you through the ups and downs of willpower failures, slip ups and slow progress. Willpower failures are inevitable because willpower is unreliable (it doesn't function well or turn on at all on when you're stressed, distracted, tired or your blood sugar is getting low). Those are some of the most key times you need it! Without the skill of deep self-compassion, you’ll beat yourself up, have motivation swings and even quit along the road to changing your habits for good. 

Did you know the most common time people quit their health goals is directly after a slip up or perceived failure? After you slip up, say to yourself "Wow, these cravings are really tough to resist. I didn't do so great this time, and it feels bad to have succumbed yet again. But I get points for trying hard, and double bonus points for not quitting, which many people do at this point. A kind friend trying to support me through this might say to me __________". 

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