The AlterActions Manifesto

You might think you just need more willpower, but the truth is..

To Transform Your Health, 
You Need to Transform Your Habits

Simple habits repeated thousands of times are the key to great health, vitality & longevity

How to Be a Habits Genius

Behavior change is difficult and complex. You've probably failed to change your own behavior a hundred times more often than you've been successful. But big lifestyle changes are possible.

I've coached thousands of people, both in the healthcare industry and in the research world. When I think about all the people who have successfully and dramatically improved their health -- people who figured out how to make good habits and break bad ones forever -- there are 3 core principles they adhere to that always hold true. To level up your habits, I believe you need to:

1. Use Behavioral Science (not trends & tips)

to architect your health habits & your strategy

Behavioral research has revealed a multitude of great methods that actually work. Unfortunately, they don’t make the news and you've probably never heard of them. You’re going to need a great strategy full of proven techniques to make real change in your own behavior.

2. Rely on an Iterative Behavior Change Process (not willpower)

to build your behavioral skills & overcome obstacles

Switch to a compassionate growth-mindset to redefine failure and how you respond to it, so you can easily practice new behaviors until they’re automatic without feeling discouraged. Learn to complete the behavior change loop and crush each obstacle that gets in your way.

3. Look to Intrinsic Motivation (not external rewards)

to produce lasting results & enjoy the ride

The most powerful, lasting motivation comes from deep inside you, not from outside reinforcement. Tap into these inner sources for consistent, lasting motivation, bigger results and a lot more fun along the way

Let me explain:

We live in a modern world that our bodies didn't evolve to deal with and don't know how to handle. Health is a struggle to maintain even in the best of modern circumstances. High stress levels, low quality food, not enough exercise, inadequate sleep and lacking relationships take a huge toll as the years roll by. 


I've been doing this a long time. I've worked in healthcare coaching chronic disease patients and in the research world, studying what works best with a precise scientific method. I've seen it all. Very few people figure out how to make big and lasting changes in their behavior and lifestyles. Most people, like my father, are not able to change and they suffer through the consequences (and so do their loved ones). 

But you can empower yourself to break your bad health habits and make new ones with these 3 principles.

Trying to change your own habits can feel overwhelming. Our days are busy and stressful and life interferes. Our motivation goes up and down. We're surrounded by temptations. Willpower is unreliable. Repeated failure is discouraging, even for the most dedicated habit makers.

Without unrealistic amounts of self control, how can we hope to maintain a lifestyle that allows us to live healthy & happy, with vibrancy and longevity?

I’ve coached some incredible people who, despite dark and desperate odds, built habit after habit to truly turn their lives around. I’ve lived my own story of transformation. Behavior change is possible - but you have to learn how to do it and get good guidance along the way. 

I'm dedicated to bringing the proven behavioral science out of research labs and translating it into smart, actionable tools that people can use to make real changes in their behavior -- and see real results in their health.

What a Habit Maker & Breaker Does:

So you want to level up your habits. Excellent! Let's get started.


  • Deliberately architect and implement the keystone habits + helper habits that will lead to the outcomes you want
  • Manage your motivation, mindset, context, triggers & rewards with proven methods from behavioral research labs
  • Become a behavior detective to catch the culprits in your own behavior so you can overcome obstacles and train them to behave
  • Use a growth mindset to iterate around the behavior change loop successfully and repeatedly, without being derailed by slip ups and failures
  • Build new behavioral skills and deliberately practice alternatives to your weakest behaviors


  • Relying on willpower to fight your cravings or desires (or for anything, really). Willpower is best used very sparingly and strategically.
  • Soothing yourself with food (or other vices). You can break this habit.
  • Beating yourself up when you fail. Blaming & shaming just cause suffering and derail your progress.
  • Going it alone. There is great power in being part of a tribe of like minded people shifting their identity together. Behavior was designed to be contagious and you can take advantage of this.

To support all that, I'm going to show you how to:

Build daily Routines full of Keystone Habits
in a Nudging Environment


Iteratively improve by sleuthing like a Behavior Detective
to Catch the Culprits and Train Them to Behave

What's that? You don't know how to do all that.. yet?

To learn how to make and break habits with research-proven behavioral science methods, you're invited to join our community of smart habit optimizers like yourself.  We run free trainings, do habit challenges together and we're very nice 🙂

Sign Your Commitment to Become a Habits Maker & Breaker

It's not easy to master your habits but the results are staggeringly worth it. Let me show you how.

Research shows that signing your commitment to this new aspect of your identity is one of the most impactful ways to kickstart your progress towards becoming the person you aspire to be - the person who architects their own behavior and bosses their habits around.

This is the first step. After you sign up, I'll guide you through a series of next steps you can take to get some quick wins and learn more about making and breaking habits.

Kendra Markle

Habits Behavioral Scientist

Before you go crush some new habits, let me introduce myself..

Hey there, I'm Kendra!

I'm a behavioral scientist who's obsessed with how to make good habits and break bad ones. Can you tell?

I've coached hundreds of clients through changing their behavior with all the most fascinating tricks and methods that research has shown actually work. I spent years in the habits research world learning everything there is to know about motivation, triggers and rewards and of course, all the best and worst health habits and what causes them to stick.

I've seen it all. 

Nowadays I use habit techniques to help sharp-minded people like yourself who are struggling to change their own behavior and just want to know what works so they can level up and live their best lives.

I love habits because they're fun and easy, if you do them right, and they're straight up super impactful. They have the power to transform your life, and your health. If you want to get laser focused on simple changes that generate enormous results, you're in the right place.

I'm so excited you're here and I can't wait to help you feel the power of habits and the thrill of success with a new toolbox full of all the best ways to make them and break them.

Rock on,


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