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Take Charge​ of Your Eating Habits

An Online Course that will
Transform Your Health
with Eating Habits

Crush your food addictions. Eradicate bad eating habits. Reverse chronic disease.

Stop Struggling
with Your Diet

Put Your Eating
on Autopilot

Lose Weight & Reverse Disease

T​he Ultimate Science-Based Online Course to
Make & Break Eating Habits that Transform Your Health

There's a reason why some people can effortlessly eat healthy day after day but many people with extra weight, diabetes or other chronic disease can't seem to stick to a healthy diet even though they're trying really hard and they know the stakes are high. After 20 years of studying the science of wellness behavior and working with thousands of patients, I can tell you definitively: they actually do know something that you don't. They've learned the best eating habits for health, broken the habits that erode health and have practiced them all until they're automatic. You can do this too.

This course breaks down the science of healthy eating habits into an actionable plan you can put into practice right away, regardless of the diet you want to follow. It's a step by step process that covers 6 different aspects of HOW we eat, including the biggest mistakes people make, the marketing people fall prey too, how people overeat without realizing it and much more. It's full of surprising research results, real stories and proven techniques that work much better than any attempt to diet. It will put you on the path to a healing, healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Stop struggling, put your eating on autopilot and transform your health with habits.

"Your daily eating habits will multiply as weeks turn into months. The long term results will either lift you up or break you down"

Everything You Get When You Join the Course

6 Eating Habit Modules, chock full of bite-sized instructional videos

Follow along each week with entertaining, in-depth videos covering the pitfalls of how we eat, food industry schemes to keep us hooked and how to systematically escape traps of cravings, overeating and addiction to sugar, salt and fat. Full of shocking secrets of advertising and food packaging, the course covers insights on willpower failures, social influences and proven behavior change techniques to combat enticing temptations to completely transform how we eat. This course includes bonus in-depth material on the science and research behind each of the topics and techniques. 

Action Plans for all sorts of common eating scenarios

Lessons are good, but action is better. The included action plans for each module help you put what you're learning into action in your life. Guided practices help you prepare properly, make change that makes sense, and follow a proven process for shaping new habits and unraveling old ones. We'll cover many different techniques to use in specific situations and explain when each one is most effective. The workbook format allows you to customize the specifics of the diet you want to adhere to and to work at your own pace.

Tons of Downloadable Cheat Sheets, Worksheets and Printables

Each module comes with cheat sheets to see everything you've learned at a glance and printable reminders to help you take action. The worksheets walk you through analyzing the bad habits that are sabotaging you, designing new habits that serve you better and making the transition. Tracking sheets help you glean insight into your own behavior (hint: you almost certainly are not always doing what you think you are) and monitor the practice that forms the foundation of your new habits. You can also download printable reminders and inspiration for your table, your fridge and your wallet to choose from.

Start Bossing Your Weight Around
Our step by step curriculum will lead you
from frustrated dieter to automated weight loss

Join the course and 
you'll get the
entire 6 week
action plan!

  • Weekly video lessons ($280)
  • Weekly action plans ($220)
  • 18+ Workbook exercises ($180)
  • check
    14+ Habit transforming techniques ($210)
  • check
    8+ Cheat sheets ($165)
  • check
    Private community (Priceless)
  • check
    Lifetime access to entire course

Total: $780


6 weekly modules



  • Course will launch in March, 2019
  • 1 Module per week for 6 weeks
  • 6 Weekly video lessons
  • 6 Action plan PDF packs
  • 6 Weekly workbooks
  • One-time purchase, lifetime access to entire course
Course Payment Plan

6 weekly modules



/mo x 2

  • Everything from the course package but split into 2 easy payments
  • Course will launch in March, 2019


If you're watching the course videos and taking action and are not seeing results that far exceed the cost of the course, let me know within 30 days and you'll get your money back - that's how confident I am that these keystone eating habits will really help you. I don't want you to feel anything other than empowered and excited to have great help on your journey to vibrant health. If it's not the right course for you, just send me a note and I'll take care of you. 

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Still have questions, concerns, or anything you’re not sure of? Ask me anything and someone from my team will get back to you ASAP.

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