Eating Habits Transformation Club

Let's Do This Together

Coached monthly challenges and guided support group to eradicate bad eating habits, eat healthy automatically every day and transform your health forever.

Hi, I'm Kendra. I'll be your coach.

I've been coaching people just like you through massive change in their eating behaviors for nearly two decades. I've helped hundreds and hundreds of people while working at big medical centers and small wellness companies alike. I've completed behavior research at Stanford University and MIT and taught courses across the country. Now I run my own program. I'm driven to help people change their behavior, reverse chronic illness and reach their highest level of health and happiness ever.

You may think I don't know you, but I've seen it all. I know all the psychological tricks, all the behavior patterns, all the excuses and all the mental blocks. I can tell you why the 'Biggest Loser' contestants go back to their old habits after the show is over. I know why weight loss surgery patients gain back all the weight. I know how unconscious habits you don't even notice are thwarting your attempts to eat healthy, how they're causing cravings and overeating, how they've caused weight gain and chronic disease and a huge epidemic of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. I've struggled with these behaviors myself and I know how hard it is to change something as fundamental as the automatic eating habits you've been using every day for years.

I also know all the science. I know the cutting edge research that's buried in medical journals and what it proves works best and I've seen it work over and over again in real people. I know the brain science behind what compels you to eat and how to trick it, calm it, distract it, ignore it and rewire it, as well as when to use each technique.

I know when common sense is wrong and how to replace the go-to techniques people keep relying on even though science shows they fail. I know all the ways to help people get past their biggest stumbling blocks. I can lead you down a path to achieve the biggest successes in your eating goals that you've ever had.

If you're ready to make real change in your habits and your health, join the club. I'll challenge you each month to transform another bad eating habit that's plagued you and wrecked havoc on your health. Your habits are in charge of more than 200 eating decisions each day - they make or break your eating goals. They make or break your long term health. I'll guide you through the step-by-step process of making lasting changes, keep you on track, support you through the ups and downs, reveal the secrets that research has proven work best and I'll stop you from quitting when the going gets really tough.


You can do this. You can make massive change - in your eating habits, in your health and in your life. Let me help you. Let's do this together.



What You Get:

Once you understand that your eating habits are causing almost all of your trouble sticking to a healthy diet, you know you need to systematically overhaul them. That can be an overwhelming task, even when you feel the urgency. To pull it off and make it stick, you really need 3 things:

  1. You need a master plan to follow
  2. You need good coaching and
  3. You need a supportive group

With those 3 things, you’ll achieve far more success than if you go it alone and try to willpower your way haphazardly along. You know this already because you've been dieting on and off for a long time and you know it doesn't work for you. Guess what - it doesn't work for anyone else either. But I'll teach you what does work and help you practice it until it's automatic.

Monthly Habit Challenge - Each month, I guide club members through a new eating habit challenge with the goal of changing an old habit that isn’t working for them and bringing new eating habits into their lives. The topic changes each month – by the end of the first 6 months, you’ll have new habits in all the major areas of your eating. By the end of a year, you’ll feel like a different person. We don’t try to change everything at once because it’s way too hard, and when something is too hard, it makes people quit (humans are programmed this way).

Tracking Cheat Sheets & Analysis Guides - This process requires you to be a behavior detective – spying on yourself, sleuthing out why you do the things you do, designing ways to overcome what’s keeping you stuck or getting in your way, and practicing new skills until they become second nature to you. You'll get behavior tracking cheat sheets and analysis guides for each challenge to help you understand your own behavior more clearly, figure out where to intervene and nail down progress over time.

Affordable Expert Coaching - Good coaching will dramatically boost your results. I'll guide you through a carefully crafted habit change process each month, with a workbook tailored to the specific goal we're trying to achieve. You'll hear from me several times a week in your inbox. We’ll do regular office hours and Q&A sessions so you can ask questions as they come up and hear more about where other club members are getting confused or stuck and what they're doing that's working. I'll help you work through obstacles - and get past them. 

Connection & Support - The club connects you with other supportive people just like you, who are also focusing on the same behavior change goals each month. We share our progress, cheer each other on, commiserate together and celebrate together. This group will be your tribe on this journey, and will stick with you through thick and thin. Sharing your goals and progress with your tribe increases your intrinsic commitment and sharing your failures helps you process and move past them. You will make more change as part of a deeply supportive and caring tribe than any other way.

Here's How it Works:

We’ll focus on one key eating habit to change each month.


First we'll learn

I’ll send you some learning material, so you understand the science of the target habit and it's related behaviors. I'll explain what behavior change techniques work best for changing them (and which don’t work at all) and how to deal with common pitfalls as you encounter them. 


Then we'll prepare

Savvy preparation is super important with behavior change. I’ll send you a step-by-step workbook to guide you through the process of making change that lasts for our target habit of the month. We’ll each determine our own specific goals and obstacles to overcome, and choose a beginning or advanced level of change to strive for during the challenge. If you don’t know anything about the science of behavior change and how to do it well, this will be illuminating.


We'll do a habit challenge together

We’ll all make our planned behavior changes together during the challenge, tracking as we go, supporting each other and sharing our trials and tribulations. I’ll coach the group through obstacles that come up in a live Q&A session and answer individual questions during office hours in our private Facebook group.


We'll review & celebrate

This is one of the greatest keys to mastery. We’ll step back and review what we’ve accomplished, what we did well, what got in the way and what to do next to keep it going. We'll learn even more by sharing our obstacles and best practices. We'll celebrate our progress and get ready for the next step of our transformation back to health and vitality.

Stop trying things that just don't work

Dieting doesn't work. Relying on willpower doesn't work. Going it alone doesn't work. If you keep failing over and over, you need to bone up on the techniques that actually work.

Stop quitting when it gets too hard

It's human nature to quit when things get really tough or overwhelming. But when you can't seem to get past the obstacles in your way, you need more support to help you.

Stop struggling and feeling discouraged

Nothing feels worse that feeling stuck, alone and discouraged, especially when your doctor says it's urgent that you change. Finding your tribe can turn everything around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing makes me more fulfilled than helping others transform their lives and their health with science, hard work and good support. I've put together these guidelines to help us work together.

Is the club billed monthly?

Is there any long term commitment?

Are there any refunds?

Can I try out the club to see if it will work for me?

Let's Do This Together

Coached monthly challenges and guided support group to eradicate bad eating habits, eat healthy automatically every day and transform your health forever.

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