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The 5 little-known secrets to boosting your willpower and crushing your cravings.. even if you're addicted to sugar

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How to Fix Your Broken Willpower

Prevent your willpower from shutting down when you need it the most

The 7 Types of Cravings and Why They Matter

To master the 7 types of cravings, you need 7 different strategies

3 Ways to Cut Your Cravings in Half

Eliminate soooo many cravings with these easy changes

The 4 Step Plan to Crushing Your Cravings

Based on what new eating research results has proven works best

A Personal Invitation from Kendra..

I've worked with some of the most prestigious eating research labs in the world.  I have coached and trained thousands of research participants, patients and people just like you to boost their willpower, resist tempations and develop healthy eating habits.

This brand new masterclass is the culmination of EVERYTHING I have learned in behavioral science research to cut my cravings down to almost nothing, while still regularly eating foods I delight in.

If you’re committed to finally sticking to the healthy diet you’ve always dreamed of, I can help you get there easily and without overwhelm.

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