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Crush Your Cravings

2 Modules 0 Chapters 9 Lessons

About this course

This premium 4-week online course is a proven system that reduces your cravings and boosts your willpower, so you can stop slipping up and stick to your healthy diet for good. 

You’ll use simple steps discovered in behavioral research labs to change your psychology, reset your taste buds and build new eating habits based on the science of food temptations, willpower and the physiology of cravings. 

You’ll come out of the course using strategies for reducing cravings, tricks to avoid cravings and willpower boosts to beat cravings.

The course includes guided, powerful lessons along with motivational pep-talks to help shift your mindset. It comes with downloadable cheat sheets and workbooks for each lesson to help you put the steps to work immediately and take charge of your diet forever.

Systematically crush your cravings with this guided course, developed by a premier eating research scientist and used with thousands of participants from research labs and medical centers.

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