Health Tune Up Program

Each month, I guide everyone who wants to participate through a health tune up in a specific area of health. The topic changes each month – by the end of the first 6 months, you’ll have new habits in all the major areas of your health. By the end of the year, you’ll feel like a different person. We don’t try to tune up everything at once because it’s way too hard.

This process requires you to be a behavior detective – spying on yourself, sleuthing out why you do the things you do, designing ways to overcome what’s keeping you stuck or getting in your way, practicing new skills until they become second nature to you.

You can follow along for free by signing up below. The onus will be on you to do the work. You could benefit a little or a lot, depending on you.

Coaching can dramatically boost your results. There are two levels of paid membership that include coaching. Group coaching connects you with others focusing on similar goals this month and Q&A sessions to address the most requested stuck points. Individual coaching focuses exclusively on you, and includes working together to investigate your habits, plan changes and accountability coaching to keep you moving forward. At the end of the month, you can switch to a new topic or go deeper into the one you’ve chosen to focus on.